Alocasia brancifolia small plant


Alocasia brancifolia seedlings grown from successfully germinated seeds. The height of the small plants around 10-15 cm. We recommend to ship it with DHL Express to make sure all plants still fresh during shipping.

Get your Alocasia brancifolia  small plants and take the chance to grow this species on your own care.

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This rare, relatively new Alocasia will be a real showpiece in your home.

  • Origins : Tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia
  • Eventual height : Can grow up to 40cm
  • Useful to know : Not safe for pets, toxic if ingested. Alocasia can go dormant over   winter and lose leaves

How to care: 

  • Light: Needs bright but indirect light, as strong full sun will scorch the foliage. The leaves turn toward the light so rotate the plant to prevent it leaning
  • Water: Requires regular watering to keep the soil moist, but not saturated. As a rainforest plant it is used to growing in damp conditions. Browning leaf edges are a sign of underwatering, and water droplets on the leaf tips indicate the plant sweating out excess moisture, called guttation. Reduce watering if this occurs
  • Soil/Nutrition: Well-draining houseplant compost mix, feed monthly in spring and summer
  • Humidity: Enjoys regular misting, or a pebble tray to replicate the humid rainforest environment
  • Pruning and propagation: Dust the leaves to help keep the plant in top condition. Trim off faded leaves to keep neat. Can be propagated by rhizome division of the corms in spring and summer.

Shipping and Return Policy:

  1. We provided 3 different shipping courier, which Economy service, EMS and DHL Express.
  2. Economy service takes 3-4 weeks delivery. We do not recommend this service because some plants cannot go through long shipment.
  3. EMS service takes 2-3 weeks delivery. We recommend this service for some plants species. Please talk to us about what seeds that can be ship with EMS.
  4. DHL Express service takes 1-2 week delivery. We recommend this service for most seeds, bulbs and plants. Sooner the package arrived, better for the seeds/ plants/ bulbs.
  5. We ship with Phytosanitary Certificate, plant invoice and packing list. We do not accept request to ship plant material without Phytosanitary Certificate. It takes 10-14 working days for us to prepare your export permit and we will ONLY proceed your permit after full payment. No cancellation after we submit your order to proceed your export permit.
  6. We will ask you to provide Import Permit or any other document that will help your package released faster by your custom. We do not responsible to any problem that come from your custom if you do not provide us import permit or documents that needed by your custom. Please contact us for details of your order and how you wanted us to ship your order.
  7. We do not accept any returns package or rejected package from your custom. We do not give replacement or give money back guarantee, except the problem caused by our mistake.
  8. You will need to record unboxing the package once they’re arrived and check the condition of your order. We do not accept any complains if you don’t provide video unboxing, we do not accept photo. If you provide video unboxing, and you could prove to us that your order damage after using DHL Express, we will give you full replacement. Please contact us if you have any complains or problem with your package.
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