Amorphophallus tinekeae Hett. & A.Vogel 

Amorphophallus tinekeae Hett. & A.Vogel 

Protologue: Blumea 46 (2) (2001): 276 

Synonym: – 


Amorphophallus tinekeae
Amorphophallus tinekeae (A). Inflorescence

Tuber subglobose, c. 20 cm in diam., c. 13 cm high, off-white, surface with several raised areas. Petiole to 160 cm long. 5 cm in diam., near the base slightly rugulose, otherwise smooth, background off-white, nearly entirely covered by small transverse, very dark blackish green, crack-like spots and scattered, larger, elongate-elliptic, dirty whitish spots with or without a dirty olive-brown central. Lamina to 160 cm in diam., rachises winged almost to the base. Leaflets elliptic to elongate-elliptic, acuminate, 7-26 cm long, 3-9 cm in diam., slightly leathery, upper surface glossy mid green. Inflorescence short to medium long peduncled, never distinctly longer than spathe. Peduncle 13-36 cm long, 1-2 cm in diam., smooth, as petiole. Spathe transversely oval, 18-35 cm long. 16-32 cm in diam., leathery. Limb oblique, after anthesis actively curving forward and closing the spathe, outside base lower half bright green with thin maroonish veins and a very few scattered small white spots, upwards flushed with greyish to blackish maroon, veins prominently maroon to blackish purple, inside base deep maroon, central part whitish greenish, upper part flushed with greyish maroon, base within densely verruculate and with several grooves lengthwise, outside limb largely green with brownish purple venation, upwards generally flushed with dirty purplish brown, inside limb pale green, the margin flushed with dirty purplish brown, margin incurved. Spadix sessile, longer than spathe, 21-58 cm long. Female zone slightly conic, 2.5-7 x 1.8-3 cm; flowers congested or slightly distant. Male zone slightly obconic, 3-6.5 x 1.3-2.3 cm; flowers congested. Appendix elongate narrowly conic, 15.5-45 cm long, 1.3 3 cm in diam, at one-third from the base, gradually tapering to the acute top, surface dark maroon, slightly rugulose, base with a few narrow grooves. Ovaries depressed globose, 3 mm in diam., 2 mm high, bilocular, dark maroon. Style 4 mm long, 1 mm in diam., maroon. Stigma laterally placed, highly asymmetrical, ovate in upper view, long axis c. 3 mm, short axis 2 mm, c. 1 mm thick, one-lobed, lobe apical on the style, conic, below the lobe a shallow slightly curved depression, surface echinulate, dirty yellowish brown. Male flowers consisting of 4-5 stamens. Stamens c. 2 mm long, 1.5-2 mm in diam. Filaments 1.2 mm long, half connate. Anthers 0.8 mm long, truncated, off white, connective off-white or brownish. Pollen psilate. 

Distribution: Kalimantan (North Kalimantan?); East Malaysia (Sabah) 

Habitat: On slopes in deep shaded forest. 


Amorphophallus tinekeae belongs to an exclusively Bornean group of species including Amorphophallus borneensis, Amorphophallus lambii and Amorphophallus hewittii. In Kalimantan only A. borneensis of this group has been found. Amorphophallus tinekeae differs from Amorphophallus borneensis in the short peduncle and the much more widely opening campanulate spathe.

Amorphophallus tinekeae (B).
Part of the spathe removed showing the arrangement of female and male flowers
Amorphophallus tinekeae (C).
Female Flowers
Amorphophallus tinekeae (D).
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