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Alocasia reginaeAlocasia reginae

Alocasia reginae is a species of flowering plant in the family Araceae. This species is a native to Borneo, Indonesia. Occasionally kept as a houseplant.

SYNONYMS:Alocasia regina(invalidly published, not accepted)

DISTRIBUTION:Endemic to Borneo, known from only three-localities in Sarawak and Central Kalimantan

Species description

Small herb 20-30 cm tall; rhizome ca. 1.5 cm diam.; leaves 2-4 together; petiole 10-25 cm long, sheathing in the lower 1/4-1/3, sparsely to densely minutely pubescent, green to densely spotted purple; blade broadly ovatosagittate to ovato-sagittate, 13-25 cm long, thickly leathery, dark green, paler abaxially or flushed purple throughout; margin entire to shghtly and irregularly sinuate; anterior lobe widest ca. 1/3 of the way from the base, the apex acute to obtuse and then apiculate; anterior costa with 3-4 abaxially pubescent primary lateral veins on each side diverging at 60° (proximal)-45° (distal) and with small axillary glands.

Secondary venation adaxially impressed, abaxially flush with the lamina to somewhat impressed (dry), conspicuous and apparently broad (ca. 1 mm) owing to pigment in the bordering lamina, forming mor-or-less well-defined interprimary collective veins at least in the outer part of the blade; posterior lobes 1/3-2/5 the length of the anterior, the inner sides very narrowly oblanceolate; posterior costae naked in the sinus for 4 mm to 1 cm, basally diverging at ca. 90-100° then somewhat to abruptly back-turned


Inflorescence pairs solitary; peduncles ca. 1/3 the length of the petiole at anthesis (not or hardly elongating in fruit), subtended almost throughout their length by very narrowly lanceolate cataphylls; spathe ca. 5-7 cm long, constricted ca. 1.5-2 cm from the base; lower spathe ovoid, white, sometimes spotted purple; limb narrowly ovate, white and spotted to suffused purple; spadix distinctly shorter than to subequalling the spathe, sessile, ca. 5 cm long.

Female zone 1 cm long; pistils flask-shaped; style short, ca. 0.5 mm; stigma 2-3-lobed; interstice 3-5 mm long, partly naked to covered with synandrodia; male zone subcylindric, 9-15 mm long ca. 1/4-3/4 held within the lower spathe chamber; synandria rhombohexagonal, ca. 1.5 mm diam.; thecae not overtopped by synconnective; appendix 1-2 cm long tapering to somewhat obtuse, ca. 3 mm diam (dry); fruiting spathe ovoid, ca. 2.5 cm long.


ETYMOLOGY: The specific epithet reginae,from the latin regina meaning queen, was given to this Alocasia as it was first introduced to the Emperor and Empress of Russia at the International Exposition of St. Petersburg in 1884 by the ‘Compagnie Continentale d’Horticulture’

CULTIVARS: Alocasia reginae ‘Elaine’,Alocasia reginae ‘Miri’,

HYBRIDS:Alocasia ‘Albatuwan’(A. alba x A. reginae), Alocasia ‘Silver Streak’ (A. reginae aff xA. baginda ‘Silver Dragon’),Alocasia ‘Rodigasiana’(A. reginae xA. longiloba ‘Korthalsii’)

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