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Alocasia nebulaAlocasia nebula

Alocasia nebula is a species of flowering plant in the family Araceae, native to Sarawak state, Malaysia.  As a houseplant it is said to be the most difficult Alocasia to grow.

SYNONYMS:Alocasia guttata var. imperialis

DISTRIBUTION:Indonesia | Borneo | Likely Sarawak

Species description

Herb about 20-30 cm tall; stem c. 2.5 cm diam. Leaves c. 6 together, glabrous, peltate in quite advanced juveniles but not in adult plants; petiole c. 15 cm long, dull pale green spotted with mostly transversely orientated elliptic minute deep purple dots and larger, slightly raised glands of the same color, sheathing in the lower 1/4 – 1/3; wings of sheath at first clasping younger leaf bases, later widely flared, persistent, tinged red marginally.

Blade ovato-sagittate, held pendent to obliquely erect, strongly coriaceous but not markedly thick, bullate between the costae, primary and subsidiary veins (thicker-than-normal secondary veins), adaxially matt grey green, darker about the costae and main veins and over the subsidiary and submarginal veins, abaxially dark reddish purple; anterior lobe c. 15 cm long and wide, with the widest part a few cm distal to the petiole insertion, the tip obtuse and apiculate for c. 2 mm; primary lateral veins 5-7 on each side of anterior costa, the proximal ones close-spaced, diverging at c. 90° (proximal ones) to 45° (distal ones), impressed adaxially, dark purple and bearing conspicuous axillary glands abaxially.

Secondary veins adaxially impressed, mostly obscure abaxially; subsidiary veins frequent, 1~2(—3) on each side of primary veins in the outer third of the lamina, adaxially impressed and abaxially conspicuously colored, and, with the secondary veins, forming distinct interprimary collective veins; primary and interprimary collective veins running into a conspicuous submarginal vein c. 2 mm within the margin; posterior lobes acute, c. 8—9 cm long, with the outer margins slightly sinuate, the inner sides narrowly lanceolate; posterior costae diverging at 45-60°, naked in the sinus for c. 1.5 cm.


Inflorescences c. 4 together, smelling sweetly of citrus apparently from the lower part of the spadix; subtending cataphylls at first colored like the petiole, then marcescent, exceeding the peduncle and lower spathe; peduncle short, completely concealed by leaf and cataphyll bases. Spathe c. 6 cm long; lower part of spathe ovoid, 2.5 cm long, ivory, dotted deep purple; spathe limb oblong-lanceolate, abaxially colored like the lower spathe, unmarked within, the margin purple, at first erect-cucullate, then reflexed. Spadix somewhat shorter than the spathe, c. 5 cm long, sessile.

Female zone 1 cm long, c. 8 mm wide; ovaries ovoid, pale green; style c. 1 mm long, not abruptly differentiated from ovary, slightly ascending; stigmas ivory-white with 2-3 drop-shaped lobes; sterile interstice 4 mm long, somewhat attenuate and lax basally, c. 4 irregular whorls of synandrodia, the lower ones reduced, the upper ones resembling sterile synandria; male zone ivory, 1.2 cm long, c. 5 mm diam., c. half within the lower spathe chamber, the rest exserted; synandria rhombo-hexagonal, c. 2 mm diam., the thecae not overtopped by synconnective; appendix buff, c. 2 cm long, c. 5mm diam., distally tapering, somewhat constricted at junction with male zone. Fruit unknown.


ETYMOLOGY: The specific epithet, a noun in apposition, means vapor, mist, smoke, and alludes both to the plant’s origin, clouded in uncertainty, and to the soft variegation pattern on the leaves.

CULTIVARS: N/A (no cultivars are recognized, though despite that, sellers may try to sell plants as Alocasia nebula ‘Elaine’ or Alocasia nebula ‘Imperialis’ but they are all Alocasia nebula)

HYBRIDS:Alocasia ‘Simba Blue’ (A. sinuata x A.nebula)

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